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Welcome to All Purpose Pipes, where you will find a wide selection of aluminum pipes, stainless steel pipes, and exhaust parts.

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Thanks for visiting! Here's a quick checklist to help you make sure you're getting the right pipes for your installation.

  • Make sure your pipes have mandrel bends! Our aluminum bends and stainless steel bends all have mandrel bends*, which are far superior to the press bends that some retailers sell. Mandrel bends maintain a uniform inner diameter through the bend, unlike press bends which are easier to manufacture and get smaller in the bend. This means that mandrel bends flow better and can be cut and welded on the bends.

  • Make sure your pipes look great! Our aluminum pipes and stainless steel pipes have an incredible mirror-polished finish*. A lot of installers cut corners here, but why bother when our prices are so low for show quality products?

  • Make sure your pipes are the right size! Our aluminum pipes and stainless steel pipes are listed by outer diameter*, as is typical in automotive intake, exhaust, and other piping systems.

  • Make sure your pipes are the correct material! Our aluminum pipes are 6061-T grade*, with good weldability, machinability, corrosion resistance and light weight. Our stainless steel pipes are 304 Stainless Steel*, with excellent rust resistance and easy welding to many existing components.

*Information refers to our main product line - some products may vary. Please check our product descriptions for full details.

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