Enter the Pre-Intercooler Cooling Pipe

Enter the Pre-Intercooler Cooling Pipe.

Get the most out of your intercooler with this special Pre-Intercooler Cooling Pipe.

When compressed air leaves your turbocharger or supercharger, air temperature of 350�F is normal. You'll want to get this air back down around ambient air temperature before it enters your engine, and this might be asking a lot from your intercooler! What if there were a way to drop the temperature of the air before letting it into your intercooler?

Enter the Pre-Intercooler Cooling Pipe. Without adding any complexity or weight, this product cools your intake air while it's on the way to your intercooler. This will enable your intercooler to cool down the air even more giving you more power or allow you to run a smaller intercooler saving space, weight, and money.

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2.0" version

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Like an intercooler, this pipe is designed to remove a lot of heat from the intake air, increasing air density and power. It's made of aluminum and the fins are designed to transfer as much heat as possible. But unlike an intercooler, it's smooth on the inside just like a straight section of pipe, so it won't add any drag, direction change, turbulence or pressure drop to your intake. This means it will integrate perfectly with any intake setup and guarantee an improvement in cooling performance with no drawbacks whatsoever.

This is not intended to replace an intercooler. This product works because the difference between turbo outlet temperature and ambient air temperature is so high. It only bleeds off a portion of that heat, and your intercooler does the rest.

Do you have a mildly modified car but you're still running the stock intercooler? Your intercooler is probably starting to heat soak, but don't worry! You might not need an upgraded intercooler. Just add one of these Pre-Intercooler Cooling Pipes to save a lot of money and stretch that stock intercooler a little farther!

Are you running high boost? Cars running a lot of boost will benefit greatly from a Pre-Intercooler Cooling Pipe because more boost means higher turbo outlet temperature, and this product will be more and more effective as the temperature difference between turbo outlet temperature and ambient air temperature increases.

Using this pipe in conjunction with any intercooler will give you a true two-stage intercooler system. Remember - you saw it here first!

You may have seen round intercoolers on the market before, and here's why this product is different. This is neither designed nor priced to be your only intercooler. Round air/air intercoolers don't tend to be very efficient because they have internal fins, but not enough surface area to dissipate the heat collected. The result is added weight, expense, and intake turbulence with not much gain. With no internal fins, Pre-Intercooler Pipes are an ideal supplement to your existing intake!

  • This Pre-Intercooler Cooling Pipe is super lightweight! It doesn't weigh much more than a regular aluminum pipe, and if you're switching from stainless steel you might even save weight.
  • This Pre-Intercooler Cooling Pipe is super affordable! If you need 6" of pipe for your intake, it's only about $10 more than a regular section of aluminum pipe. At this price, some people will use it just because it looks cool - don't be surprised when you see one installed on a nonturbo car!
  • This Pre-Intercooler Cooling Pipe is super efficient! There aren't any cooling fins on the inside of the pipe to create drag or turbulence, so you'll get the pure cooling effect with none of the drawbacks.

You can't go wrong with a Pre-Intercooler Cooling Pipe.

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2.0" version

2.5" version

3.0" version

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