Our Forza 2 Sponsorships

FrozenBoost.com on Forza Motorsport 2

Keyboard racing taken to the next level. FrozenBoost.com sponsors our own team on XBox Live and now you can get sponsored too!

The Rules

It's easy. Just send us an email: forza@frozenboost.com and request a car with value up to $10,000 CR (IN GAME money - we don't give people real cash!) We will slap some frozenboost.com decals on the car and gift it to you. You can either modify the car and drive it, or you can remove the decals and put them on any car you wish, then sell the car we originally sent and keep the money.

The FrozenBoost.com logo is a real attention getter, and when people ask you what it means, you can tell them you have a genuine online sponsorship from FrozenBoost.com Automotive Intercoolers!

This works on the HONOR SYSTEM. If we go through the effort of putting decals on and then gifting a car to you, we expect you to wear the FrozenBoost.com logo for the majority of your online gaming.

Only 10 sponsorship slots will initially be available. Better hurry!

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